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Coin Invaders Game V1 no DRM

This challenge was not beaten and the reward was reclaimed by AlgoMachines.

Coin Invaders is a Windows x64 game. The game was meant to be very difficult to hack with a hacking reward built in. No one collected the reward. The next version of Coin Invaders will include a limited number of seats controlled by AlgoMachine’s DRM and secured by our hack resistant technology.

Install procedure via MSI (Windows installer)

  • Download the .zip containing the MSI
  • Unpack the .msi installer and run it
  • Look for CoinInvaders under the Windows Start button

Alternative installation procedure if you don’t want to use the MSI

  • Download the .zip containing the EXE and other files
  • Unpack the zip file with directory structure intact (separate BIN and BMP directories)
  • Double click on CoinInvaders.exe from Windows Explorer, shortcuts will need to have the BIN directory as the working folder

A 2,000,000 Satoshi reward is embedded in the game and will be automatically dispensed for a score greater than 10,000 points. You’ll need to hack to game to get that reward.

The game will expire at the end of October 2021 (UTC).

I will send 100 USD (XMR or BTC) to the highest scorer as of the game expiration date. You’ll have to prove your identity to receive this reward by sending me your Game ID, accessed via the Help – About menu item.

Check the top 100 scores at any time by bringing up the scoreboard via Help – Scoreboard menu item.

Set your scoreboard ID name via the Help – Set Player Name menu item.


  • TRON = 2 points each
  • Cardano = 5 points each
  • Ripple = 10 points each
  • Doge = 20 points each
  • BitConnect mothership = 400 points
  • Fire – Up Arrow
  • Bitcoin cannon left – Left Arrow
  • Bitcoin connon right – Right Arrow