AI is changing the rules of business.

We are here to help you keep up.

Local production creates demand for protected programs

Over the next decade, AI robotics and 3D printing technology will replace most human labor. Factories will become smaller and will be located nearer to consumers.

Since the cost to set up a factory will be smaller, the proprietary knowledge (mostly software) embedded in the production process will become the primary barrier to entry for new factories. Information which leaks via reverse engineering will be quickly assimilated by the competition, and everyone will have an incentive to conduct industrial espionage and reverse engineer their competitor’s products and factories since the AI tools available to spy and hack will be so sophisticated and cheap.

Edge computing creates the need to protect programs

Centralized server systems like AWS are popular for deploying applications. But under this system all computation must be performed on AWS servers and all data must flow back and forth to AWS servers. This creates performance bottlenecks for many applications, particularly for data and compute intensive AI programs. Edge computing, which moves program execution out to devices at the edge of the network where data is collected and used, is a popular solution to get past this bottleneck.

However, moving program execution away from the AWS server environment, means that anyone who wants to reverse engineer or hack this software can do so out in the wild, or in their own home, no need to hack into the AWS server system.

What we can do for you

We are creating software which allows our customers to write programs which are hard to hack, debug or reverse engineer.

We have been at this for a while, improving the system by releasing programs with embedded rewards and challenging the hacker community to claim these rewards.

Our next challenge will be a program that lets users sign messages with an embedded Bitcoin private key. You’ll be able to download the program and debug it. If you can extract the private key via debugging, the funds are yours to take.