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Challenge 4.0

This challenge was not beaten and the reward was reclaimed by AlgoMachines

A reward of 1.7M satoshis is embedded in a lock box with a two hour time window: Wed Jun 02 2021 06:00:00 GMT +/- 1 hour

Here’s the reward: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/bc1qqs2xu50dfn2gf65cynlzdn3puzm3wmtwwvwglw

To claim the reward you will need to hack BTCTimeLockDecryption_V1.1.exe before the timelock expires. This is a Windows x64 program.

Please see the page for Challenge 3.1 for more information about how the above .exe works: https://algomachines.com/challange-3-1/

Here is a zip file containing the lock box for this challenge:

The password for Challenge_4.0_Data.bin is: 513151A7-8B37-455A-A635-49C7EC7EB61E

I will be sweeping the private key with this BTC reward a few hours before this challenge expires if no one has successfully hacked the lock box by then.

Note: BTCTimeLockDecryption_V1.1.exe does not access the internet at all.

Happy hacking!